Tuition and Fees


Kindergarten through 12th Grade: $ 60.00

Application Fees are a one-time fee per family made upon applying to Fowlerville Christian School.


Curriculum and development fee: $350 per student

This fee is due upon enrollment.


Kindergarten: $1800 per student

Grades 1 through 12: $2800 per student


After first child: 20%

Referral discount: $100

Alumni discount: $300

The operating expenses of Fowlerville Christian School are covered by tuition. Prompt payment of all financial obligations is essential for the school to operate in a responsible manner.

All tuition payments are to be made to FACTS, a financial service for Christian Schools, and are subject to their fees. There is a $38 one-time enrollment fee to use the FACTS service. However, parents who wish to pay for the entire year of tuition before the school year begins will not need to enroll in this service.


A. If a student withdraws from the school or is expelled there will be NO refund of tuition for the month of withdrawal.

B. The Pastor and board reserve the right to use the fees, tuition, and gifts to the school in anyway they deem necessary and appropriate for the overall ministry of First Baptist Church of Fowlerville.

C. EXCEPTION POLICY: The Pastor and board reserve the right to make exceptions on an individual basis. An exception for one is only for that one; it does not apply for any other individual.